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Dancing Dragonfly Winery

  • Dancing Dragonfly Winery
    Helping create an award winning identity that has been featured in a handful of wedding and winery magazines. Teaming up with the GM we have created and completed over 80 projects for DDW. Many of these project range from product design, award winning bottles, digital and print ads, stationary, billboards, vehicle wraps, photography, and website.

Dutch Poffertjes House

  • Dutch Poffertjes House
    Creating marketing strategies while building an identity that expresses a Dutch history became the goal for this project. Bringing a taste of Dutch to the Midwest. Using a Dutch windmill is key to show customers who they are and what items they sell. With a clean and inviting identity the DPH has established their brand in the food truck/trailer business.


    This California bee farm is the original company to create the first all natural bee created CBD honey. They allow their honey bees to collect the ingredients they need from cannabis plants and wild flowers to invent the infused honey. By creating an identity that breaks away from the stereotypes related to the cannabis plant, Cannahoney has the chance to emerge into a new marked that provides customer care that is safe and natural. With safe alternative for pain and anxiety relief they are dedicated to lowering the over-all average of opiate addiction in the US.

Mini Donut Guys

  • Mini Donut Guys
    Minnesota food truck identity system.

Nate Millyunz

  • Nate Millyunz
    Minnesota local artist branding system.

MN Vikings

  • MN Vikings
    Minnesota Viking identity update

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